Register Now | 19th Global Development Conference 'Knowledge for Sustainable Development: the Research–Policy Nexus'

The Global Development Network (GDN) is hosting its 19th global development conference on the 23-25 October 2019, to facilitate the research-policy interface in pursuit of the SDGs. 'Knowledge for Sustainable Development: the Research–Policy Nexus' will ask how to strengthen the capacity of the current system of development research to meet new development challenges and facilitate sustainability.

It will showcase high level, truly inclusive evidence-based debates on current development challenges and priorities.

It will share knowledge for development by highlighting innovative, high-quality, original and topical research on development, and providing developing and transition countries with a voice in shaping global policy debates on sustainable development. Four interrelated conference themes will be discussed:
1) From research to sustainable development action: interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing, evidence brokering
2) The global and shared challenges of sustainable development: migration, climate change, health, etc.
3) Next frontier challenges: Big Data, AI, digital transformation
4) Greater local ownership and sustainability: implications for research policies and funding

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You can also participate in the ongoing International Youth Competition, to win a chance to attend the conference.


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