David Dickson


Although always modest about his writing abilities, David Dickson was a prolific and authoritative writer. Here is a selection of articles from the past year.

David Dickson


In Perspective: Modernising science's social code

A planned update of a 1974 UN document could create a useful template for socially responsible science, says David …


In Perspective: Launching a third industrial revolution

A third industrial revolution based on new communication and energy technologies needs strong political …


In Perspective: A fatal gap between science and policy?

Journalists can help the developed world take responsibility for climate change by making it relevant to readers' …


In Perspective: USAID moves in the right direction

The US development agency looks set to build on its 'development science' efforts during Barack Obama's second …


In Perspective: The World Academy of Sciences

The renaming of TWAS reflects changes in global science. But its original priorities must be maintained, says …


The rise of African science journalism

Science journalism in Africa is making remarkable progress, with widespread improvements in the quality and …


Science and human rights: a valuable perspective

Promoting a human rights approach to S&T advances will reinforce moves towards inclusive development. But …


Open access for development: a battle not yet won

The momentum for Open Access is unstoppable. Now the global science community must manage change to ensure poorer …


How science and the Olympics can learn from each other

The Olympic Games remind us that — as in science — competitiveness must be tempered with cooperation …