By: Elizabeth A Casman and Hadi Dowlatabadi

"Why is there more malaria in one region of the world than another, and will there be more or less there in the future? … What the contributors to Contextual Determinants of Malaria would really like to do (is) to quantify the risk of malaria (or perhaps even malaria itself) in the next few decades with valid models that use determinants such as climate, population growth, urbanisation, failure of vector control, migration, wars, and so on. …

The book is an authoritative analysis of malaria as a public-health issue, written by those interested in any but the wholly molecular aspects of infection. The ambition of this global analysis inevitably leaves a slight sensation of dissatisfaction, because of the huge associated uncertainties and difficulties, many of which are discussed in detail. But if you want to have an introduction to how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change works, and some of the relevant results of that work, or if you want facts about malaria in populations that are not always easy to find, then Contextual Determinants of Malaria is a clearly written and referenced starting point."

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