By: J. DeVries and G. Toenniessen

The review compares Securing the Harvest: Biotechnology, Breeding and Seed Systems for African Crops with Exploring Agrodiversity by Harold Brookfield:

“In Exploring Agrodiversity, Harold Brookfield brings together a rich collection of evidence to underscore the importance of ecological diversity in the resilience of small-scale farming. His scepticism about the role of biotechnology stands in contrast to Securing the Harvest, which is a meticulous attempt to identify the opportunities for using biotechnology to improve traditional agriculture. Whereas Brookfield seeks to celebrate the resilience of small-scale farming systems worldwide, DeVries and Toenniessen focus on ways in which they can be improved to expand the economic value of African agriculture. … If read individually, the two books would only fuel the debate that is raging over agricultural biotechnology. But together, they provide clear indications on how to promote sustainable agriculture.”

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