Indian media is not known to pay any more attention to science news than is strictly necessary. This book cites a survey conducted by Delhi-based non-governmental organisation Energy Environment Group, which discovered that coverage of science and technology-related news was less than one per cent on Doordarshan channels, and about three per cent in newspapers.

Dilip Salwi attempts to study the malaise in the system and offer suggestions for change. The book contains a number of interviews with Kalinga prize winners and mediapersons on the subject of science communication. The ladder of news priority for newspapers is revealed by P Sundarajan, special correspondent, The Hindu.

Sundarajan says, “In any newspaper, a political story gets the highest priority, second comes economics, third social happenings… science comes much lower down the rung unless something dramatic happens.” Salwi’s “blueprint” for the media, which includes suggestions on improving science news coverage, should interest science and technology editors.

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