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Algeria to open research sector to foreign scientists

Algeria's new science strategy will focus on reversing brain drain and rebuilding trust in research institutions …


Northern node of Pan-African University launched in Algeria

A call for prospective lecturers and students has been issued by Algeria, host to the northern node of the Pan …


Scientists find desert cure for date disease

Traditional Saharan plant-based medicines can destroy FOA, the fungus that plagues North African date palms, say …


Algeria plans further growth for science

Algeria's science budget has grown significantly in recent years, although researchers say projects face too many …


Algeria plans rapid green energy ramp-up

Algeria is making up for a late start in renewable energy with the launch of multiple projects, and of North …


Algerian academics protest against travel restrictions

The Algerian government's restriction on scientists' foreign travel has drawn national and international protest.


Arab countries 'need a long-term digital strategy'

There is progress in Arab digital technology strategies, but a lack of long-term solutions could hold it up, says …


Algeria approves major science funding boost

Algerian scientific research will receive close to $US1.5 billion, reaching the goal of spending one per cent of …


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