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Brazilian officials destroy rare fish specimens

Brazilian researchers are concerned that stringent applications of paperwork requirements is threatening the …


GM cow milk 'could provide treatment for blood disease'

Brazilian researchers are genetically engineering cows to produce a human blood clotting protein in their milk.


Brazil eases rules on scientific imports

The government of Brazil is taking steps to cut the red tape that currently hinders the import of scientific …


Brazil launches DNA bank for endangered plants

Researchers in Rio de Janeiro have opened a facility to store and preserve the genetic material of Brazil's …


Chile seeks to cross digital divide

Chile has launched a broad programme to increase computer usage and boost the role of information technology in …


Red tape on imports 'is stifling Brazilian research'

Brazilian researchers are campaigning to reduce the bureaucracy involved in importing scientific materials and …


Brazil's young scientists face job shortages

The Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science is urging the creation of more jobs for the country's young PhDs.


Brazil may create its own digital TV system

Brazil's minister of communications has proposed that the country should adopt its own system of digital …


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