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WHO backs controversial chemical for malaria control

The World Health Organization has backed the use of DDT to control the spread of malaria, reversing its …


Free 'wiki' textbooks planned for developing nations

University students in poor countries could soon be able to access high-quality textbooks, thanks to a US-based …


Two-year delay for Botswana's science university

Botswana's first university dedicated to science will only open in 2009 because of over-optimistic planning, says …


Plan to boost rice photosynthesis with inserted genes

Scientists have ambitious plans to greatly increase rice yields by inserting genes from the crop's wild relatives …


Blair wants G8 to be G13 to tackle climate change

The UK prime minister says admitting Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa to the G8 would make it more …


Experts call for scientific bird flu task force

Bird flu experts at a meeting last week said an international task force is needed to coordinate research on bird …


Infrared scanners offer affordable soil health checks

A quick infrared scan can reveal soil composition and structure for a hundredth of the price of standard tests.


Report urges rethink on value of forest resources

A new report urges international incentives to revalue tropical forests, only five per cent of which are managed …


Caribbean urged to use science for development

A regional conference has ended with calls for Caribbean nations to boost science and technology as tools for …


'Landmark' decision reached on trade in GM products

New rules have been set for the international trade of products that contain GM organisms.


Improve water efficiency in farming, urges report

International water researchers say that the farming of the future will need to use water much more efficiently.


Failure to report on climate change in South

The media coverage of climate change in some developing countries is inadequate, says a UK report.


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