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Therapeutic vaccines: a new hope for chronic diseases?

Vaccines for non-infectious illness could help developing nations tackle the growing burden of chronic disease. …


US$40 million funding boost for African researchers

UK-based medical charity the Wellcome Trust will inject almost US$40 million into training scientists in …


Asia Pacific research to benefit from Australian aid

The Australian government has announced that will invest more than US$18 million annually into research in the …


Journals team up to highlight poverty and health

Research journals have joined forces to draw attention to the role science can play in alleviating poverty and …


Antimalaria vaccine candidate rolls towards success

The earlier promise shown by a potential vaccine against malaria is fulfilled in a particularly vulnerable infant …


UK body to coordinate climate change teamwork

A coordinating body will oversee cooperation between UK agencies involved in climate change research in developing …


Experts highlight 'lack of interest' in mental health

The mental health sector is under-resourced in developing countries, despite a high burden of mental disease, say …


Soil degradation issues 'swept aside', say experts

More attention must be paid to the global degradation of land and its impact on climate change and food security, …


Carbon dioxide could make grasslands 'unusable'

Research has shown that increased levels of carbon dioxide encourage woody shrubs to replace grass in grasslands, …


Brown haze 'heating up' South Asia

The brown clouds of pollution over the Indian Ocean are contributing as much to atmospheric warming as greenhouse …


Human action 'changing rainfall' in developing world

Humans are responsible for changing rainfall patterns observed in many developing countries, say climate scientists.


Better biofuel uses best of both worlds

Scientists have combined biological and chemical methods to create a high-energy biofuel that can be produced more …


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