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Keeping genomics in perspective

Reporting healthcare genomics in the real world — tips from K.S. Jayaraman on uncovering hype, tackling the …


Q&A: Open archives — the alternative to open access

Indian scientist and journal editor Padmanabhan Balaram discusses open archives — an alternative to open …


Reporting from science conferences

Conferences can provide good news stories if you plan ahead, do your research, and mingle with the delegates, says …


Barriers to building a bigger breadbasket in India

Indian scientists say that reduced access to plant material in international gene banks will limit the country's …


India to revive old scheme to plug brain drain

A dormant scheme intended to address India's brain drain by rewarding talented scientists with well-paid jobs is …


Indian space odyssey speeds national development

K. S. Jayaraman reports on how India's space programme contributes to the country's development through …


India's 'teacher in the sky'

Space scientists in India have launched a satellite that will beam educational material into classrooms and households.


India forges ahead with stem cells for eye repair

An Indian eye institute has set up a special centre that will use adult stem cells to cure blindness.


Experts question India's moon exploration plans

Indian scientists are questioning the wisdom of India's newly announced plans to send a spacecraft to the moon.


India plans centre to train developing-world scientists

India is to open its own research training centre in facilities being vacated by the closure of the COSTED …


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