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Cutting China's carbon cost

China's carbon emissions have shot up as energy demands soar. But will this change with new technology? Jane Wu …


Developing nations embrace renewable energy

Investment in renewable energy in developing countries has risen from 15 to 21 per cent of the world's total in …


China's malaria wars: the battle over monotherapy

The debate goes on over China's ongoing production of malaria monotherapy, which is thought to promote drug …


Scientists: Climate and health research needed

We need to understand how climate change will affect the spread of disease and illness as a matter of urgency, say …


'Waste membrane' could help crops conserve water

A membrane made of waste materials enables crops to retain water and regulate soil temperature — which could help …


China prepares to launch climate adaptation plans

China will soon launch its first national programme to mitigate and adapt to climate change, following dire …


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