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Cheap weapon against the coral-killer starfish found

A cheap and simple protein mixture could spell an end to the deadly impact of crown-of-thorns starfish on coral …


Rising temperatures take their toll on rice pest

Global warming may be decreasing the survival capabilities of the economically damaging brown planthopper.


Research urged to combat Philippine banana disease

Banana growers in the Philippines faced with a virulent fungal disease have won backing from scientists to …


Scientists find genetic trick to make iron-rich rice

Scientists have used rice's own genes to boost its iron and zinc content.


AIDS vaccine funding waning, scientists warn

Scientists are recovering optimism about an HIV/AIDS vaccine, but funding for development is in decline, a …


Scientists warn of Ebola outbreak in pigs

Researchers have called for government measures to cap the spread of an Ebola virus in pigs in the Philippines.


Adaptation science not trickling down, says commission

The UN should do more to disperse knowledge about adapting to the effects of climate change, says an international …


Charcoal plan for carbon storage under fire

Proposals to sequester carbon on a grand scale by turning biomass into "biochar" have been criticised by …


Journalists criticised over climate change reporting

Journalists cannot be relied upon to explain climate change, says the chair of the International Scientific …


Renewable energy's role 'underestimated'

Renewable energy could account for a much higher proportion of the global energy supply than previously estimated …


Sea level rise 'will surpass worst-case scenario'

Sea levels are now predicted to rise above previously predicted maximums, hitting developing countries hard.


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