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Tree bark molecule may combat malaria

By targetting the early stages of malaria infection, a compound derived from tree bark could help fight the …


Chinese farmers to get more science training

Increased funding for a science training and education scheme will help improve farmers' technical skills and …


China encourages media to report more on science

The Chinese government has unveiled a new scheme to increase the amount of science reporting in the media.


China's R&D budget overrated, warns official

Predictions that China will be the world's second biggest investor in research and development by 2007 contradict …


Old-growth forests 'are key carbon sinks'

Forests more than a century old store far more carbon than thought — which could make them valuable on the …


Wheat gene discovery could fight malnutrition

New research revealing how to boost the nutrient content of wheat could help combat malnutrition in developing …


China could be main greenhouse gas culprit by 2010

The International Energy Agency says China could overtake the United States to become the world's largest emitter …


African science to benefit from China trade deal

Agricultural science in Africa will be boosted by a trade and aid deal that African countries agreed with China at …


New strain of bird flu found in China's poultry markets

A previously unknown strain of H5N1 bird flu virus has emerged in southern China, casting doubts over China's …


Trading carbon could reduce deforestation

Industrialised nations could slow down carbon emissions by funding projects that reduce deforestation, says the …


China unveils plans to boost scientific data sharing

China's science minister has announced a government initiative to increase data sharing through an open access portal.


Dual-action bacterium fights fungal infection in crops

A bacterial product developed in China can inhibit fungal disease in crops while stimulating plant growth.


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