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Antiretroviral microbicides enter clinical trials

Testing is under way for microbicidal gels containing antiretroviral drugs that could inhibit HIV infection.


Secrets of TB drug resistance uncovered

A comparison of different strains of tuberculosis has revealed that they are prone to acquiring drug resistance.


Vaccine 'slashes TB infection' in HIV patients

Researchers report that a potential tuberculosis vaccine has been shown to reduce rates of the disease in patients …


Sharpening up TB diagnosis where it is needed most

Controlling tuberculosis in the developing world means investing in suitably equipped labs as well as in …


UK to streamline health aid strategy

The United Kingdom will streamline its health aid strategy, focusing on capacity building in the countries it helps.


Maps reveal uneven global health in graphic detail

A new set of world maps uses sociological data rather than land area to graphically portray gross inequalities in …


Developing nations eligible for European funding

Scientists in developing countries can apply for funds under a new European call for proposals if they team up …


Drug-resistant TB more widespread than thought

Researchers warn that TB resistant to multiple drugs is more widespread than thought, making better treatment …


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