Is Covid-19 overshadowing India’s child malnutrition crisis?

  • Closing Date19/05/21
  • Event Date19/05/21 - 19/05/21
  • Posted date09/05/21
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“India’s economic growth in recent decades has co-existed with alarming levels of chronic hunger and stunting. The country ranked 94th among 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020, way behind many other developing countries. Now, new data suggest that child malnutrition might be worsening—fewer children in India are dying, but those who survive are more malnourished and anaemic in many states”*.

In this webinar, Patralekha Chatterjee, award-winning journalist-columnist, will share her analysis of the fifth National Family Health Survey and explore how the Covid-19 pandemic might impact an already-fragile state of child nutrition.

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