GLF Amazonia Digital Conference: The Tipping Point – Solutions from the Inside Out


Uniting to save the world’s mightiest tropical forest

Join us online on September 21-23 for GLF Amazonia: the largest-ever global conference on the Amazon Biome.

The event will bring together new and traditional knowledge and perspectives from key actors across the biome, to explore how we can preserve and restore the biological and cultural diversity of the world’s mightiest humid tropical forest.

We will leverage the latest evidence, innovation and business cases; convene partnerships; generate public support; and help build propositions to balance competing land-use demands between forestry, agriculture and restoration.

The conference will also include a three-day film festival and a multimedia cultural gallery, which will feature documentaries, art, photos, music and stories from across the region – and the people who create them.

An open invitation

With coverage in English, Portuguese and Spanish, GLF Amazonia is open to attendees from all walks of life, including scientists, policymakers, activists, youth, investors, restoration practitioners, community and Indigenous groups, civil society organizations, media and more.

GLF Amazonia is free for everyone in Latin America and the Caribbean, and only 10-15 Euros for those living outside the region. Sign up to help secure a sustainable future for the Amazon Biome!