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WIPO recognises developing world rights

The World Intellectual Property Organization has adopted a fresh agenda that recognises the rights and needs of …


US centre boosts technology ventures

A new US academic centre will encourage students to undertake business ventures supporting sustainable growth in …


Parasitic worm uses sugar to fool immune system

The worm that causes schistosomiasis escapes the human immune sytem by distracting it with sugars, say researchers.


Islamic countries 'dragging their feet' on science plan

The Organization of the Islamic Conference needs to accelerate its implementation of its ten-year science plan, …


'Gene screen' speeds up Leishmaniasis detection

A 'gene screening' technique could help researchers determine Leishmaniasis host and parasite species faster, …


Islamic fund created to secure food in Niger

Islamic states have agreed to donate US$370 million to Niger over the next five years to combat desertification …


Bacteria 'could be recruited to attack malaria'

Scientists have identified bacteria that live in mosquitoes that could be used as a method of malaria control.


Chimp test signals hepatitis vaccine progress

A hepatitis C vaccine candidate can induce an immune response in chimpanzees, signalling progress in the quest for …


Climate change threatens Indonesian agriculture

Climate change is likely to decrease rainfall and put Indonesian rice production at risk, researchers predict.


Malaysia to lead South-South collaboration

South-South cooperation will receive a boost with plans for a Malaysian-based centre for scientific networking and …


UN hunger targets may increase water burden

Developing countries need a huge increase in water supply if they are to meet the Millennium Development Goal on …


'Doomed' mosquitos could cut dengue infection rates

Mosquitoes modified to produce inviable young could cut mosquito populations and therefore rates of mosquito-borne …


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