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Pacific tsunami alert system needs 'reinforcement'

The tsunami that struck the Solomon Islands last Monday shows that the Pacific alert system needs improvements.


Scientists united on human-induced climate change

The latest climate change report states that human activity is "very likely" behind the unavoidable …


Indonesia apologises as WHO warns on air pollution

As the World Health Organization tightens its guidelines for air pollution, smoke from Indonesian forest fires is …


Faster, better TB test could be only a few years away

Researchers say a new method of identifying the TB bacterium could make for a faster, quicker and more accurate test.


UNESCO science 'not good enough', says review

UNESCO's science programmes lack the interdisciplinary approach necessary to tackle major global problems, says an …


African and Asian media 'must report more on AIDS'

African and Asian media are failing to fulfil their role in reporting the HIV/AIDS epidemic by not giving the …


Warning over South's lack of nanotech regulations

A UNESCO report says developing countries could face risks from adopting nanotechnologies without first creating …


Fund to boost agriculture research in Africa and Asia

The United Kingdom has launched a US$11 million fund to promote research into sustainable agriculture in …


Tsunami warning was too late for hundreds of victims

Indonesian authorities claim they were unable to warn the coastal communities devastated by the latest tsunami.


Indian Ocean tsunami alert system up and running

UNESCO has announced that the Indian Ocean's tsunami warning system is now ready for action.


Private donation doubles Gates Foundation wealth

A US$31 billion dollar donation will increase double the value of grants given out by the Bill and Melinda Gates …


WHO highlights disease from unhealthy environments

Unhealthy environments cause nearly a third of death and disease in developing countries; much of this could be …


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