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Antibodies provide possible bird flu treatment

Antibodies from Vietnamese bird flu survivors can prevent infection and neutralise the H5N1 virus in mice, …


High-tech venture capital fund proposed in Vietnam

Vietnam's ministry of science and technology will urge the government to create a multi-million dollar fund for …


Climate change threatens important mangroves

Rising sea levels linked to global warming are threatening the mangrove forests on Pacific islands, says the UN …


Major funding for GM crop research in Vietnam

Vietnam will spend US$63 million over the coming 15 years developing agricultural biotechnology, including …


Massive pay rise proposed for Vietnam's scientists

Vietnamese scientists whose work contributes to their nation's social and economic development could be eligible …


Vietnamese science club brings expat skills home

A new organisation will link the skills of expatriate Vietnamese scientists with the needs of home officials, …


Bird flu research needs US$100 million, say experts

As Vietnam prepares to test its bird flu vaccine on people, an international conference held there has heard calls …


Committee to guide Asia-Europe science cooperation

Vietnam's Academy of Science and Technology has called for an international committee to oversee scientific …


Vietnam seeks a high-tech strategy

A new parliamentary report outlines Vietnam's urgent need to engage in areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.


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