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Cheap weapon against the coral-killer starfish found

A cheap and simple protein mixture could spell an end to the deadly impact of crown-of-thorns starfish on coral …


Rising temperatures take their toll on rice pest

Global warming may be decreasing the survival capabilities of the economically damaging brown planthopper.


Research urged to combat Philippine banana disease

Banana growers in the Philippines faced with a virulent fungal disease have won backing from scientists to …


UN approves climate change adaptation fund

The UN has approved an adaptation fund that will provide support for dealing with climate change to poor nations.


Scientists create flood-resistant rice

Scientists in the Philippines have developed a variety of rice that can survive prolonged periods of submergence.


Court halts introduction of GM rice in the Philippines

Greenpeace and other NGOs have used the courts to temporarily halt the introduction of GM rice to the Philippines.


New system maps landslide peril in the Philippines

A system for assessing the risk of landslides in rain-battered tropical regions holds promise for averting …


The Philippines opts for biodiesel

As the UN warns against adopting biofuels, the Philippine government is rolling out new laws mandating the use of …


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