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Call for application: scholarship for African students working on cassava.


Fundação Nagib Nassar para desenvolvimento Científico e Sustentável

The foundation FUNAGIB established in 2015 by its founder Nagib Nassar. Thanks to Kuwait KFAS ( Kuwait foundation for the Advancement of Science ) Prize received by him in the same year. Offers three scholarship’s annually to postgraduate students working with cassava breeding. One of these is dedicated to an African student. The other two scholarships are designated to Brazilians. The African scholarship this year is being announced here, application dead line is 15 th May, 2017, study to begin at Brasilia by 1st August, 2017.

The scholarship is opened to PhD or Msc. students working on cassava breeding who completed courses credits and are preparing thesis.


Needed recommendation by faculty or supervisor, curriculum vitae, academic history and statement declaring commitment of the student to six months of the research on periclinal cassava to improve the crop to be conducted at Brasilia . This subject should be a part of the final thesis.

Award amount 20,000 R$ reais ( US$ = 3.2 reais more or less according to real fluctuation).

Contact Prof. Nagib Nassar at this email. [email protected]

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