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LEAD Europe Leadership for Sustainable Development Programme

Focusing on leadership and sustainable development, the LEAD Fellows’ programme is one of the most dynamic, engaging, and innovative leadership and sustainability programmes in Europe. LEAD will take you on a learning journey that will allow you to see for yourself how government, business, and communities are tackling sustainability challenges and opportunities both locally and globally. Your challenge is to explore and uncover the leadership gaps and to consider how you can become a more effective advocate for change wherever you live and work.

Key dates

Module 1) 29 August-3 October 2012 UK: Learn how local government policy and business strategy can come together to create a more sustainable neighbour hood.

Module 2) 13-17 October 2012 Portugal: Innovative rural development, economic well-being, Eco-friendly farming and well-being.

Module 3) 6-12 October 2012 Romania: Exploring strategy development and its translation into sustainable decision making.