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  • Technology that helps create farms in Palestine

Palestine is rich in resources, but conflict has led to the near-collapse of agriculture there, putting at risk Palestine's development and environmental sustainability. But since 1997, a group of Palestinian non-governmental organisations has been using technology and agricultural knowledge to help poor farmers.

In this IslamOnline article, Isabelle Humphries reports on how the Land Development Project is creating new farmland from uncultivated hillsides. As well as creating jobs, the project provides advice for farmers of crop selection and irrigation.

Technology is central to the project. The organisations involved coordinate the work with an interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) database that stores information gathered by each partner organisations, from research and planning to implementation.

Every farm created is mapped and data on its elevation, slope, soil type and rainfall can be accessed to help the organisers provide advice to farmers. The information is also useful for wider efforts to tackle environmental degradation.

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