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Training of trainers in pedagogy for EIPM

INASP’s Evidence Informed Policymaking Programme will be delivering a 5 day workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 28 May to the 1 June 2012 on pedagogy skills. 

Participants on this course must: 1. Be in a position to provide training to policy makers/influencer in use of research information 2. Have a good understanding of research and its relevance to policy making 3. Be committed to undertaking the initial training course; to engaging in a post-course mentoring phase; and to delivering training to policy makers. 4. Have the support of their manager(s) and/or organisation. Individuals attending the training may include academics, librarians, individuals from civil society organisations or members of staff from within policymaking institutions who intend to run training for policymakers/influencers.

We will favourably consider applicants with demonstrable levels of institutional commitment e.g. through funding to attend the workshop. To apply prospective participants should please use the link below. Given the high level of interest in this workshop, we are conducting a pre- course assessment to screen potential participants here: . This survey will be used to select relevant participants. The survey will also give us information about potential participants’ skills/knowledge which will help us to tailor the course to suit the participants’ needs. As a result, we hope to improve the overall quality of the courses and the methodology used. Please note that the survey consists of two pages of questions- please ensure you fill in both pages. The survey should take about 15 minutes. Please complete it as soon as possible - and no later than the 30 March 2012. We do value your participation in this exercise.