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Gender and Development Short Course

The course is designed for development practitioners seeking to build gender knowledge and practice skills for gender equity. Participants are programme staff, managers and gender focal points in development agencies and government ministries.
The two-week course uses participatory methodology and action learning to explore the theory and practice of change and gender as an organisational value.
        The course content is informed by Gender and Development and Rights Based Approaches. Participants are introduced to the core concepts of gender analysis and how to apply these to each stage of the project cycle. Topics include; problem and context analysis, planning, access and control, voice and accountability, gender disaggregated data, measuring change (quantitative and qualitative indicators), M&E, leadership.
        Exercises in individual reflection and group work enable participants to examine their own practice. Participants are encouraged to use a Personal Learning Journal.
        Participants learn about strategies and competencies for improving practice and building an enabling internal organisational structure and culture.
        Action planning: at the end of the course participants develop action plans which provide the basis for the distance learning.
        The course provides handouts and other reading materials. The participatory methodology facilitates the generation of documentation relevant to the group and individual contexts.

This 2 week course will be held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich UK from the 22 July - 2 August 2013 for a fee of £3,000 (inc. of accommodation). See details attached or visit our website