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Energy, Water and Climate Change: Building Bridges between Europe and MENA

The Cyprus Institute and the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY together with other research institutions in Europe and MENA are hosting the high-level scientific conference “Energy, Water, and Climate Change – Building Bridges between Europe and MENA” on 10-12 December 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus (please see for more details).

The conference is organized under the patronages of the EC presidency of Cyprus and under the umbrella of international organizations such as UNESCO, UNEP and WMO. It will bring together a broad range of expertise from various fields to address climate change, fresh water availability and energy issues in the Mediterranean region and particularly in MENA. We expect more than 200 participants from Europe, MENA and internationally, among them eminent scientists and decision-makers from research organizations, politics and industry. A special asset of the conference is the organization of a Young Scholars Forum, an event which is held prior to the main conference and which will promote the next generation of MENA researchers and students.

The final conference day of “EWACC2012/Building Bridges” will be devoted to seeking scientific partnerships and ways to “Build Bridges” between MENA and Europe towards a common knowledge/science area. The planned outcome of the conference is “Cyprus Declaration 2012” with the aim to give science/policy recommendations on how to promote and implement an effective Euro-Mediterranean science and technology collaboration to addresses regional aspects of the grand challenges.