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Confronting the Major Challenges of Globalisation, Global Recession and Sustainable Growth in Emerging Economies - Reimagining African Economic Development - Business Not As Usual

The demands of a global economy have changed the requirements for international, national and business success. The global economic crisis has had a catastrophic effect on all economies of the world, albeit with differing levels of impacts. The biggest concern is that the growth crisis may degenerate into an overall development crisis, especially as recession deepens. Much of the conventional understanding of business education is being challenged.
It is time to take stock and reflection what is taking place. Consequently, Regent Business School is leading an industry redefinition of the traditional business education debate by leveraging its mission and vision, core values, academic strength and brand image to present an International Conference with a difference.
The prime purpose of the conference is to critically review the impact of the global crisis on emerging economies, in general, and African economies, in particular, and to extrapolate these findings to chart new directions in business education theory and praxis.
It is envisaged that in the conference deliberations, emphasis will be given to country-specific issues, case studies, the differential effects across sectors and countries, and to explore a wealth of issues related to economic development. Perhaps, more importantly, Regent Business School is hopeful that the participants at the conference will strive to examine strategies for repositioning emerging economies, inclusive of the African continent, favourably, and to take advantage of country-specific lessons in economic recovery.