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1st Arab Conference for Science Journalists

The first Arab conference for science journalists (ACSJ1) will be held in Fez, Morocco, on 25 October 2008. Applicants are invited to submit abstracts for the conference.

Since ACSJ1 precedes SRO V by one day, ACSJ1 participants wanting to stay for a few more days will have the opportunity to mix with some of the most prestigious Arab scientists in the world and cover their work.


Presenting awards to five journalists who have covered Arab science as part of the 2008 Arab Science Journalism Awards.

Convening of the General Assembly of the Arab Science Journalists Association and conducting elections in order to choose its new board of directors.

Arab science journalists meet, discuss, exchange experiences, learn, and enhance skills.

Conference topics:

  •  Tricks of the trade: how to make science interesting;
  • Reporting on research: evidence-based science journalism;
  • Finding science stories in the Arab world;
  • The ethics of science journalism; and
  • Roundtable discussion on the status of science journalism in some Arab countries.

Abstract submission guidelines

All abstracts should strictly comply with the style and format as provided in the SRO submission style (please see the website for further details). Abstracts submitted in other types of formats or styles will not be considered for presentation.

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed and acceptance decisions will be made by the technical programme co-chair Dr. Nadia El-Awady. All accepted abstracts will appear in the conference proceedings electronically and will be published on ASTF’s website. Presentations of extended abstracts at the conference will be automatically eligible to enter competition for the Best Paper Presentation Award. Criteria for the presentation award will be available on ASTF’s website. Absracts must be submitted by  22 June 2008.