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International short course: Wetlands, integrated water resources management and food security

Location: Wageningen, the Netherlands

This course is based on the premise that stewards understand what integrated water resources management is, what wetlands are, the different types of wetlands, what services they provide and the role of the RAMSAR Convention. To be able to act as a water steward and to advocate for wetlands, you will also need to know how to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, how to communicate wetlands to different sectors and to use your negotiation skills. The course will make use of approaches consistent with RAMSAR’s wise use principles and will draw upon the expertise of Wageningen University and Research, but also other international and national governmental, nongovernmental and private sector organisations. This course is endorsed by the RAMSAR Secretariat. Application deadline: 23 April 2018 Application deadline NFP/MENA: 18 October 2017 (for a fellowship opportunity)

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