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Science popularization competition for Masters and PhD students

With the aim of democratizing knowledge and awakening the interest about science in people who have little or no access to the scientific world, the Imagine Project (, in partnership with RedPOP, SBPC and African Gong, is launching the first truly multilingual and multicultural science communication competition, which focuses on publics from Latin America, Caribbean and Africa.

Candidates must be Masters or Ph.D. students enrolled in a higher education institution of any of these three regions.
They should record a 3-minute video explaining their research topic in such a way that simple people from anywhere can understand.
The candidates need to present their work in one of the following languages: English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. The winners will have their videos translated into more than ten languages, including indigenous ones such as Guarani, Quechua, Yoruba, and will be widely publicized in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean through the networks that support the competition.

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