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The Feed the Future Data-Driven Farming Prize from Nesta


The Feed the Future Data-Driven Farming Prize calls upon problem-solving innovators to find tools and approaches that source, analyze and translate data into action in order to help Nepali smallholder farmers improve value from agricultural productivity

The challenge is to find tools and approaches that source, analyse and translate data into actionable insights and help Nepali smallholder farmers improve value from productivity. The competition will incentivize a broad range of local and global innovators to catalyse the development of data tools that are tailored for Nepal’s varied terrain. 

The application deadline is on the 6th of April, 23.59 EST.

All information about the prize can be found in the Data Driven Farming Prize Portal, in particular in the resources page you can find:


Resources for innovators:

  • Prize fact sheet – one pager which sums up the information about the prize background, the prize statement, criteria and timeline.

  • Innovators handbook – a complete handbook to provide useful information and guidance for Applicants who wish to enter the Data Driven Farming Prize competition.

  • Data sets – examples of data sets that can be used by innovators. Innovators may use other data sets if they wish.

  • Digital Principles – The Principles for Digital Development are “living” guidelines that can help development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-enabled programs.

  • Online application form

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